Ali Allani and Makram Kodia Dominate the National Adventure Rally Tunisia🇹🇳 at matmata🏆🏍️


Triumph in Matmata: Ali Allani and Makram Kodia dominate the 1st National Adventure Rally Round

Dear readers of, let’s dive into the thrilling details of the recent first National Rally Adventure Round which took place from January 26 to 28, 2024 in Matmata. This spectacular event saw the participation of 39 riders, including 7 bikers from Kairouan, an Algerian and two Italians. Participants, aged 19 to over 50, covered a 313 km route, mixing off-road trails 🚵‍♂️ and itineraries 🏍️.

An Exciting Challenge in Matmata

The organizer of the event, Mohamed Sassi of the Moto Club of Kairouan, expressed his gratitude to the 38 riders and more than 200 motorcycles who took part. It was a first for him, a new challenge successfully met. The event was made possible thanks to the Tunisian Federation of Motorcycling and Associated Activities, as well as the support of numerous partners such as Bikers zone Tunisie, Italcar Tunisie, Changan Tunisie, Z-Tec, and Pro Sound.

Diversity of Participants and Pure Adrenaline

The competition attracted a variety of participants, from young drivers as young as 19 years old to veterans over 50 years old. Among the competitors are 7 local bikers proud to represent Kairouan. Cultural diversity was also marked by the presence of an Algerian pilot 🇩🇿 and two Italian pilots 🇮🇹, adding an international dimension to the event.

The Heroes of Kairouan: Ali Allani and Makram Kodia

🏁 The competition was intense, but two names shined at the top. 🔥

  • Ali Allani, originally from Kairouan, caused a sensation by winning first place 🏆. Passionate about motorsports since a young age, Ali has demonstrated a unique blend of technical skills, courage and determination. His victory in Matmata only strengthens his reputation as an undisputed leader on the rally scene.
  • Makram Kodia, the nephew of Mr. Ali Allani, won second place 🏅. In addition to his passion for motorsports, Makram is an accomplished sports instructor and former seasoned judo player. Owner of the 🍽️ Nakcha Restaurant, he skillfully combines his love for competition and his success in the field of artisanal gastronomy.

Thanks and Recognition

The friendly and warm atmosphere was praised by the organizer, who warmly thanked all the participants, commissioners, officials, clubs, groups, sponsors, and even the inhabitants of Matmata. Photographers and partners, such as 🏨 Diar El Barbar Hotel and its owners Mr. Lamjed and manager Mohamed Weslati, were also recognized for their essential contribution to the success of the event.

Conclusion: A Triumph for Kairouan in Matmata

In conclusion, the first National Round 💨 Adventure Rally in Matmata was a triumph for Kairouan 🕌, highlighting the talent, passion and diversity of our community. Congratulations to all participants, and see you very soon for the second round of this thrilling adventure.

Stay tuned to for more success stories, thriving businesses and inspiring moments from our community.

See you soon on the road to success!

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