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Corona pandemic and family problems

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– What is the impact of Corona (Covid-19) on family problems??

In light of the measures taken by the State to control the spread of the new Corona virus “Covid 19”, by preventing gatherings, intensifying awareness campaigns and taking critical decisions by all relevant ministries and institutions , thousands of people are still living in crisis. to the reluctance of incubators to implement the provisions of the vision for fear that they and their children will contract the virus. On the other hand, many parents have refrained from enforcing the legal rule of child support due to their poor financial conditions during this crisis.
We always advise amicable solutions between the two parties in the interest of the child (the foster child) first, then in the interest of each of them in order to overcome this crisis by the will of God Almighty. Powerful. Powerful.

– Does the incubator have the right to refrain from applying the vision rule given the spread of the Corona epidemic (Covid-19)?

It is not permissible to abstain from the rule of vision because of the word of the Almighty (and neither the mother is harmed by her child, nor the child born of her child) the truth of Almighty God.
And if the implementation inevitably exposes the child to risks and infections by diseases and epidemics, he can temporarily abstain and the guardian must discuss this with the holder of the right to see and seek friendly solutions and safe. the child, especially since the origin of the place of the visit must be at the child's home, after having taken all the necessary preventive measures in accordance with the instructions followed by the State.
If the guardian refuses to execute the vision judgment and bad faith is proven, particularly after having been warned, article 186 of the Family Code stipulates that the judge can temporarily transfer custody to the other party, and if the violation is repeated, the court may abandon custody.

– What should I do if the trustee refuses to execute the visitation and accommodation judgment?

Vision and accommodation are the inherent right of the guardian, and the incubator must allow him to supervise his schooling in valid teaching, protect him from excesses, provide him with the best treatment, educate him and prepare him for the future. .
In the event that the guardian refrains from executing the vision or accommodation decision, a request may be submitted to the enforcement judge to seize and bring the guardian for his abstention from executing the vision decision without right or pattern and force it to execute. .

– Is it permissible to waive the application of the alimony decision given the spread of the Corona epidemic (Covid-19)?

Under no circumstances is it permitted to refrain from executing the alimony decision.
In the event of abstention, the curator may resort to the enforcement judge and submit requests for seizure and other requests requiring execution of the maintenance decision.

– Is it permissible to file a complaint to demand an increase or decrease in the amount of alimony (for detained or married persons) in view of the spread of the Corona (Covid-19) epidemic?

Yes, this is permissible for both parties, as the value of alimony can be increased or decreased depending on economic conditions, as well as the situation of the person required to pay alimony and also the circumstances of the alimony imposed in his favour. Provided that a period of one year has passed since the date of the judgment with the alimony provided for the acceptance of the file, and it can be filed temporarily given the current crisis.

– Given the spread of the Corona (Covid-19) epidemic, is it permissible for the wife to file a complaint for alimony if the husband does not pay alimony?

Yes, this is permitted, provided that the wife obeys her husband.

– Will the wife's right to claim spousal maintenance be lost if the husband refrains from spending during the spread of the Corona (Covid-19) epidemic?

The alimony debt is not lost even if alimony is not agreed between the spouses or if a judgment is rendered, and the wife can claim her alimony before taking legal action, provided that the -this does not exceed three years before the date of submission of the application. The app. trial, and the wife must establish the argument for not spending by all means of proof, because the original and the apparent are the expenses in cohabitation.

– Considering the emergency conditions and the spread of the Corona (Covid-19) epidemic, is it permissible to refrain from paying marital alimony and to file a divorce action with damages ?

Yes, this is enough, and the harm provided by law is not mentioned exclusively in the sense that any harm that the woman can prove, such as insulting her, beating her or not spending, she has the right to file for divorce , As we mentioned earlier, it is not allowed to refuse alimony in any way, including maintaining a sufficient amount of food and drink. And it is worth mentioning here that there is another type of divorce, that of divorce for discord, in the case where the disagreement between the spouses is strong and the relationship between them is impossible to perpetuate.

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