Dr Rahma Saddem, Veterinarian in Kairouan


Exceptional Journey: Dr. Rahma Saddem, Veterinarian in Kairouan, serving your animals on Kairouan.online

Welcome to Kairouan.online, the platform that highlights exceptional success stories. Today, let’s explore the exciting professional journey of Dr. Rahma Saddem, a dedicated veterinarian based in Kairouan.

Solid Academic Training:

A graduate of the Sidi Thabet National School of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Rahma Saddem acquired a rigorous academic training that laid the foundations for her remarkable career in veterinary medicine.

Versatile Expertise:

As a veterinarian in Kairouan, Dr Rahma Saddem brings versatile expertise to every aspect of care animal. She excels in consultation, vaccination, canine and bovine surgery, and she also specializes in the sale of medicines and animal food.

A Passion Transformed into Commitment:

What sets Dr. Rahma Saddem apart is her passion for animal welfare, transformed into an unwavering commitment to her patients. Her caring approach and dedication make her an essential reference for pet owners in Kairouan.

Veterinarian in Kairouan:

Dr Rahma Saddem has joined the community to offer her services to a wider audience. As a veterinarian in Kairouan, she provides her exceptional expertise and quality products, covering both medicines and animal feed.


Community Engagement and Personalized Advice:

Beyond her consultations, Dr. Rahma Saddem actively engages in the community by sharing advice on animal health, best dietary practices and useful information. She strives to create a relationship of trust with each pet owner in Kairouan.

A Word from Dr Rahma Saddem:

As a veterinarian in Kairouan, my goal is to provide quality care to our four-legged friends. Join me, where your pet will receive attentive, personalized care.

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