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SpaceX Falcon 9 Intelsat G-31/G-32

Nov 12, 2022 11:06 AM

Space Launch Complex 40 • Cape Canaveral Space Force Station

UPDATE: NOV 7, 2022

Due to the impending arrival of Subtropical Storm Nicole, SpaceX’s launch of the Intelsat G-31/G-32 has been postponed until tomorrow, Tuesday, November. 8. SpaceX no earlier than Saturday, November 12.

Please note that your Transport Guide Ticket (LTT) is valid for the next project and no action is required on your part.

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Galaxy 31 (G-31) and Galaxy 32 (G-32) are the next satellites in Intelsat’s comprehensive Galaxy fleet to rebuild the design, a new generation of technologies that will provide Intelsat Media customers in North America with high-performance media distribution capabilities and unique features. the tip of the cable head. Galaxy 31 and Galaxy 32 are critical to clearing the US Intelsat C-band project.


Feel the excitement as you watch the launch of the Falcon 9 rocket from one of the following locations:

A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launches from SLC-40 for the Starlink mission on November 11, 2019.

SEND ROCKET: NET November 12, 2022 | SpaceX Falcon 9 Intelsat G-31/G-32

Customer Viewing

Atlantis North Lawn

It is located to the left of the approaching Shuttle Atlantis®

  • See the rocket immediately clears the tree line
  • Approximately 7.5 miles / 12 kilometers from the launch pad
  • Viewing area opens at 9:30 AM
  • Included with the complex visitor access
  • Support for audio, video, and voice communication is available