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Saad Alghamedi Visits Kairouan – Historical and Spiritual Testimony

Saad Alghamedi Visits Kairouan – Historical and Spiritual Testimony
  • PublishedJuly 6, 2024

kairouan-un-temoignage-de-limportance-historique-et-spirituelle-de-la-ville” class=”wp-block-heading”>Saad Alghamedi Visits kairouan: A Testimony of the Historical and Spiritual Importance of the City

kairouan, a city rich in history and culture, recently had the honor of welcoming Mr. Saad Alghamedi, a distinguished visitor whose presence attests to the unique appeal of this historic city. In a recent post on Zahrat Al Madaen’s Facebook profile, Mr. Saad Alghamedi shared his impressions and discoveries during his stay in kairouan.

A Resting Place for Scholars and Warriors

Mr. Saad Alghamedi stressed that” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>kairouan is the resting place of two great scholars and warriors, Hanish Ibn Abdullah Al-San’ani and Abu Abdul Rahman Al-Habli. These two men were among the first followers who entered Andalusia and played a crucial role in the construction and orientation of mosques. Among their notable contributions are the construction of the Great Mosque of Cordoba, the Mosque of Zaragoza and the Mosque of Al-Bira, as well as other Andalusian mosques. After their significant contributions, they returned to kairouan where they passed away in the same year, 100 Hijri.

Tribute to the Great Scientists

Hanish Ibn Abdullah Al-San’ani was buried next to the great companion Abu Zama’a Al-Balawi (رضي الله عنه), while Abu Abdul Rahman Al-Habli rests near the Aghlabid pools, known as Feskiyat. Mr. Saad Alghamedi expressed his gratitude to God for allowing him to visit the graves of these two great figures, praying for their mercy and divine reward.” alt=”kairouan-saad-alghamedi-islamic history” class=”wp-image-1641″ style=”width:478px;height:auto” srcset=” 660w,×266.webp 300w” sizes=”(max-width: 660px) 100vw, 660px”/>

kairouan-une-destination-spirituelle-et-culturelle” class=”wp-block-heading”>kairouan: A Spiritual and Cultural Destination

Mr. Saad Alghamedi’s visit to kairouan is a testament to the importance of this city not only as a historical and cultural center, but also as a place of spiritual pilgrimage. The city continues to attract visitors from around the world, seeking to connect with its rich Islamic heritage.

kairouan is therefore not only a destination for history and culture lovers, but also for those in search of spirituality and connection with the great figures of thekairouan” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>islamic historyThe visit of Mr. Saad Alghamedi further reinforces this image of kairouan as an essential place to visit.

This content, written by Mr. Saad Alghamedi and extracted from the Facebook profile of the lady: Zahrat Al Madaenhighlights the importance of kairouan and its role in Islamic history. His visit and reflections show how this city is an invaluable treasure to discover.

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