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Mohamed Al-Joudi: A Pillar of Knowledge in Kairouan

A Man of Many Hats

Mohamed Al Joudiborn in 1862, was not content to be a scholar. He was also a judge, mufti and writer. His influence extended far beyond academic circles, touching the daily lives of the people of Kairouan.

Scholarship and Teaching

  1. The Writing of History
    • Al-Joudi left his mark in the history of Kairouan thanks to two major works:
      • “History of the Judges of Kairouan» : This book traces the evolution of judges from the Islamic conquest to his time. It ends with the biography of the late Sheikh Al-Alanidied in 1933.
      • “Mourad Al-Dhamaan” : In this powerful work, Al-Joudi recounts the lives of the scholars and benefactors of Kairouan. It thus completes the work of Mohamed Ben Saleh Issa Al-Kattaniwho had already written on the foundations of the faith.
  2. Free Education
    • Al-Joudi provided free lessons at the Oqba Ibn Nafi Mosque. His teachings would attract a wide audience.
    • Fr 1910he was named mufti, and his influence grew further.

A Generous Benefactor

  1. The Library of Oqba Ibn Nafi
    • Al-Joudi donated more than three thousand pounds in the mosque library. His writings enrich the knowledge and culture of the community.
  2. The Well of Knowledge
    • Like an inexhaustible well, Al-Joudi shared his knowledge with all those who were thirsty to learn.
    • His fame went beyond the borders of Kairouan, attracting scholars from all over the Maghreb.


The life of Mohamed Al Joudi is a testimony to the importance of education, generosity and perseverance. His memory continues to shine through his writings and his impact on the community.

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